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Texas Blue Giant Fig Tree in Soil--5 by 10 Inch Container

Texas Blue Giant Fig Tree in Soil--5 by 10 Inch Container

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Plant a Texas Blue Giant fig tree and you will be happy you did. This prolific tree will soon be loaded with very large sized figs with very sweet flavor, one that will require very little of your time. How can you ask for more? The purple clad beauties will be a tantalizing temptation all summer long. The Texas Blue giant does well in hot summer climates yet also a worthwhile container plant in colder locations, as figs take to pruning very well with not much effect on crop production. Water consistently and feed 2-3 times through the season as needed. This fig tree is hardy to USDA zone 6 and all higher zones. We ship all of our fruit trees potted in soil to ensure a healthier start when planted in yard or garden.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is it ever too late in the year to plant a fig tree in my garden?
Fig trees are hardy, enduring lots of heat and a fair amount of cold pretty well, hardy to USDA zone 7 and higher, so if you have at least a month or two before your first 'severe' frost, still plenty of time. If you end up having to plant in the summer to meet this time frame, plant early in the morning or late in the evening when the summer heat has lessened, be gentle when handling the root ball, and then water well.

Any other tricks?
You can transplant upon receipt of the tree into a larger container. This will give the tree a chance to spread out its roots and begin the growth process, yet still give you the ability to move the tree to a bit of protection if the winter or summer weather gets really crazy. After about a season or two in the container when the tree is a bit more 'rough and ready', then plant in the ground.

Ways to keep an outdoor tree more protected when in a container during the winter?
Move the plant up tight against the house, preferably a spot where you can take advantage of a cover like a porch or covered patio. If you still need a bit more protection, stack the patio chairs or the BBQ in front of the tree to trap a bit more heat....kind of like a mini greenhouse. If a REALLY cold snap is coming, roll the tree into the garage just for a short duration and then back under the patio cover against the wall. Call me if you need to. Always here by phone...