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Saijo Persimmon Tree, Five Gallon Container

Saijo Persimmon Tree, Five Gallon Container

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Saijo Persimmon has fruit that is medium sized, elongated, and yellow fleshed. Gourmets claim it to be the sweetest and best tasting of the persimmons. Fruit is astringent, so let ripen fully to achieve the best taste. This persimmon tree is hardy to zone 6, and would be a stunning addition to your yard with its reliable fall leaf color. Enjoy these persimmons for fresh eating, cooking, and freezing. Yes, you can even make persimmon ice cream with the Saijo. Shipped potted in soil, five gallon container. Trees about 3 to 4 feet tall. Ripens November.

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Frequently Asked Questions
I've never heard of Saijo. Is it one to consider for my orchard?
Saijo persimmons are claimed by some to have the sweetest and the best tasting fruit. The fruit is astringent, so be sure to let fully ripen before eating for best taste to be achieved.

Any additional benefits to having a persimmon tree in my yard?
The fall color is pretty awesome, nice to look at on a sunny autumn day.