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USE OF INFORMATION: We know gardeners and plant lovers like to spend their time outdoors with their plants, the computer just the avenue to get really cool things not always seen in every garden center or locale. Being a small, family run company, we know the responsibility you are giving us, a 'relationship' built on trust and the ability to place a quality product in your hands. We succeed and you come back AND tell your friends. That being said, we want the shopping experience to be hassle free. Any personal information shared with us remains in house. Email addresses used only by us and only occationally just to "check in" and see how well you are doing with our product. From information gathered on how you find us, this is only used to help us focus and make more efficient any SEO efforts that we may employ. Plus, I'd rather be talking to my customers and outdoors enjoying the garden center myself, not spending all my time in front of the computer.

PLANTS AND THEIR POTENTIAL: Welcome to Clifton's Nursery, also, We present the content on this web site as accurately as possible, with you the buyer fully aware that plants may exceed the stated specifications or not quite reach them based on proper care or lack there of. Plants, being living entities will respond differently to particular growing situations, including but not limited to proper irrigation, soil type, humidity, fertilization and management and maintenance of proper temperature most suitable for the plant in question. We do stand behind our product.

REFUNDS AND GUARANTEE: Any request for a guarantee or refund to be initiated by you the buyer, whether by phone call or email, this needed to make us aware that a plant purchased from our web store may be struggling, and at our discretion, it will be decided if monies will be returned or a fresh plant shipped at no or minimal expense to you the purchaser. We reserve the right to offer no guarantee if plant care has been severely off the mark. If severe weather impacts a plant’s travels on the road and its livability upon receipt, a discussion must be initiated to determine whether the expected weather was understated by you the consumer or whether misinformation was provided by our technical staff as to a plant’s potential for shipment at the particular time of year.

IN PREPARATION OF SHIPMENT….proper care and prudent technique will be used to assure the plant will arrive as safely as possible, including but limited to vibration absorbing foam cushion, cardboard stabilizers to prevent plants from shifting in route and various foam based or cardboard products to stabilize the soil ball while in route. Plants are watered prior to shipment and insulated from the cold as determined by our staff and/or the plant or season in question.

OUR ANGENTS: We have no control over any of our transportation agents, any claim made due to misdirected packages or packages stolen from porches will be handled on a case by case basis.

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