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Lapins Cherry Tree, approx 3 feet tall
Lapins Cherry Tree, approx 3 feet tall

Lapins Cherry Tree, approx 3 feet tall

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A Lapins cherry tree will place fresh home grown fruit just an arm's length away. Do not let the challenges of growing your own cherries keep you on the sidelines, as with the Lapins variety, the fruit is firm and resistant to cracking, large in size. Being self fertile, a second tree is not needed. Once the fruit makes it indoors, your fresh cherries will be sweet to eat. Your Lapins cherries are good for fresh eating, drying, freezing, jam or jelly and even sauce. An added bonus with cherry trees is the beautiful blossoms that precede the fruit each spring. Our fruit trees are shipped potted in soil to ensure the best possible start when planted in yard or garden. The Lapins is sometimes called the ‘self fertile Bing’, and is a good choice for pollinating other sweet cherry varieties. Enjoy.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Will a Lapins cherry fruit all by itself? Or do I need two trees?
The Lapins is sometimes called the self fertile Bing....great tasting fruit with no second tree needed. Enjoy the fruit for fresh eating, drying, freezing, jams and jellies and even sauce!

What is the best way to contact you if I have any plant care questions?
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