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Chinese Pistache Tree "Keith Davey" Five Gallon

Chinese Pistache Tree "Keith Davey" Five Gallon

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Chinese Pistache "Keith Davey" is an improved grafted variety of Chinese Pistache, noted for its more reliable and vibrant fall coloration. The fall leaf color seems to favor the red shades. This shade tree does well in hot summer areas, yet tolerates winters down to USDA zone 6. Tree is low maintenance, usually only needing a little directional pruning, or a pruning to maintain a desired size, nothing of any regularity. The Chinese Pistache makes a good lawn or street tree, with moderate growth to 35 to 40 feet or clip to shape. A clean tree. Shipped as a potted five gallon tree in its original soil and container. Tree ships about four feet tall. Photo used courtesy of Quality Stock Photography, http://www.flickr.com/photos/qualitystock/

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why is a grafted selection important?
Stunning fall color. When the nights become crisp and the day time temps begin to cool, the show will begin. Enjoy brilliant fall color that consistently favors reds, versus yellow or orange or whatever the surprise may be. Especially effective when mass planted colorful perennials, or glossy green leafed evergreens are in the vicinity.