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Horsetail Reed, Five Gallon Plant
Horsetail Reed, Five Gallon PlantHorsetail Reed, Five Gallon Plant

Horsetail Reed, Five Gallon Plant

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Equisetum, also known as Horsetail Reed is a striking reed-like plant that bears dark green, jointed stems to 3-4’ tall. It can be extremely invasive, but only when certain conditions are met: good drainage (or well-oxygenated water, such as in a container in a pond) and lots of water. Best used in pots, and can be quite effective as an accent plant there. Against a wall or fence or by itself, this plant has a wonderful look. Sun to part shade, average summer watering, frost hardy. Tolerates wet conditions, but most successful plantings are those with average soil moisture. A classy plant! Use on porch, patio, or deck. An invaluable accent near ponds. Shipped as a potted five gallon plant about 2 to 3 feet tall. Inset photo used courtesy of Terry Nowell, Austin, Texas.