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Gold Nugget Mandarin Orange Tree in Soil, 5 Gallon Container

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Plant a Gold Nugget seedless mandarin orange tree and you will enjoy 'golden' results. These little beauties are easy to eat...great flavor and seedless fruit that is easy to peel, a healthy snack you can place in the hands of your child and not worry. Mandarin trees make great choices for large patio planters...fruit only an arm's length away and growth that usually does not get in the way of anybody walking by. Shove the container up tight against the house to pick up a bit of residual heat in the winter, and you may not have to move indoors, as the Gold Nugget mandarin is remarkably frost tolerant. For those in extreme winter areas, do make plans for an extra guest in your living or dining room. While indoors, citrus foliage always a pleasant sight to see. Unlike other varieties, the fruit on the Gold Nugget holds well on the tree, even into the summer. Ships planted in soil for best possible results when planted in yard or garden.