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Don Mario Bougainvillea Vine, Five Gallon Container by Monrovia Growers

Don Mario Bougainvillea Vine, Five Gallon Container by Monrovia Growers

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Bougainvillea "Don Mario" has a strong vining habit for quick cover and beautiful show of color. Plants well sized, prime. Clusters of dark purple-red flowers throughout warm season. Can be used as summer annual in containers, hanging baskets. Blooms summer. Vigorous grower to 15 to 25 feet or easily clip to shape. Plant in full sun for maximum bloom. Hardy to about 30 degrees. A great choice for consistent, summer long color in full hot sun. Gives great tropical effect hanging on fences near ponds or pools. Use with glossy leafed evergreens for nice contrast. Shipped triple staked as a potted one gallon plant in its original soil and container. Maintain rootball as you plant.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best way to contact you if I have any plant care questions?
BuyPlantsOnline.com is a small, family run company, so we are able to really get to know our customers, and welcome the opportunity to do so. You can reach us by phone (888-209-4356) or by email (info@plantsonline.net) and we'll get right back to you. If you email and don't hear from us in a few days, drop another line, as sometimes one or two sneak by us.

Any tricks on planting bougainvillea vines?
Yes. When planting a bougainvillea, do everything you can to maintain the integrity of the root ball, as if it becomes broken apart or too loose, this can cause serious stress to the plant. After the hole is prepared, cut the plastic can apart with a pair of pruning shears and peel back like a banana, and then place one hand above and one hand below and gently lift out of the container, setting carefully in the hole such that the top of the rootball is exactly even with the new soil level you are creating in container or ground. Back fill with amended soil and firm with the palm of your hand. Water well to further settle the soil. If some sections of the planting area sinks after irrigation, add another handful or two of soil as needed. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Anything else?
Full hot sun and soil with at least average drainage. If need be, plant in a container for better soil and sun exposure.