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Commercial Varieties

You grow trees because you're good at it and you like what you do, but not all farming operations are the same, just like not all farmers are the same. Only YOU know your land and what it can do. You know the sweet spots where just about anything grows with little effort, and you also know those areas where drainage salinity, pH are a constant struggle. Let us at Burchell nursery take away those sleepless nights. We are true to our roots, our story deeply planted in the soil of central California. We have over 70 years of growing experience, our expertise and experience leading to the development of over 80 patents on our fruit and nut tree varieties, over 75 million trees sold along the way. We have partnered with a firm who specializes in shipping containerized trees, so now at Burchell nursery we have the ability to get you product year round. Test drive a few of our trees to see what we're all about. We have trees that will fit just about any need that is out there, many varieties found nowhere else but here. If you like what you see, give us a call and we'll work up a custom price quote and arrange to have product waiting for you in plenty of time for next season's planting. We want to add you to the Burchell Nursery family of satisfied customers.