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Crimson Rocket Columnar Peach Tree, Shipped in soil, 12 inch container

Crimson Rocket Columnar Peach Tree, Shipped in soil, 12 inch container

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Consider the Crimson Rocket Columnar Peach as a way to get some good looking fruit from a most difficult area to fill….the side yard. The tree grows in a more vertical plain, most branches favoring an upright growth pattern, thus limiting the need for clipping a tree that is trying to grow too wide. The peaches are dessert quality, yellow with melting flesh with about 80% red blush over yellow. The Crimson Rocket needs about 800 hours chilling, so it will perform well in moderate to cold winter areas. Enjoy these peaches for fresh eating. Can a few to save some for long term enjoyment, or make some home made jam or jelly that would be awesome on toast or English muffins. All of our fruit trees are shipped potted in soil to ensure a healthier start when planted in yard or garden.
Frequently Asked Questions
Something you gotta try, as suggested by one of my fruit tree suppliers, L.E. Cooke Company from Visalia California... “We plant fruit trees at our homes for the purpose of harvesting the reward of incredibly delicious tree ripened fruit. Why not extend this pleasure from 2-3 weeks to 10 to 12 weeks?” How is that done you ask? Read further…
The homeowner can produce three of four different fruit tree crops in slightly more than the space of one tree. The trees should be planted in a triangle (or box for 4) 24-30 inches apart and at a slight outward angle. The center limbs are pruned so that crossing limbs are removed. Otherwise, normal care is all that is necessary.

Can you give me suggestions on which varieties to choose that would be best for combining into a limited space?
Pick a combination of varieties that are similar in growth habit and foliage texture. Varieties can be selected for mild winter areas, traditional fruit growing areas, mountains or deserts. Why not have fruit all summer long?

For example?
Apples….red, green and yellow, or early, mid and late season. Apricots...June, July and August ripening. Cherries...early June ripening, mid June ripening and a sweet pollinator. Plums...red meat, purple meat and yellow meat.... I think you get the picture. Just have fun!