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Clementine Mandarin Orange Tree by Monrovia Growers, Five Gallon Container

Clementine Mandarin Orange Tree by Monrovia Growers, Five Gallon Container

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Grown for us by Monrovia growers, this mandarin orange will be sure to please. Clementine is an early season variety producing sweet and juicy fruit that will hold on the tree for months. Take a peek into your back yard and see what kind of room you have and give this tree serious consideration, as its glossy foliage and clean appearance will demand very little of your time. If you reside in a colder location, plant in a large container and keep outdoors where it can catch some 'rays' during the season, and then slip it indoors for the winter. A spritz or two from a water bottle and all your indoor citrus trees will do better with the higher indoor humidity. The Clementine is easily peeled and quite good to eat, growing to about 12 feet tall if planted in the ground, so not too much clipping needed for indoor use....allow it to grow tall but control its lateral reach. Your Clementine mandarin will be shipped potted in soil to ensure a healthier start when planted in yard or garden. Can not ship citrus trees to AZ, FL, or TX

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can you really ship citrus trees this time of the year?
Since we ship all of our trees potted in soil, yes we are able to offer shipment year round. We monitor weather.com, and hold shipment temporarily if weather is too extreme. We add insulation to the trees as weather dictates, packaging each carefully by hand to ensure the best possible tree when it arrives at your home.

How are the trees prepared to make such a journey in the winter?
We insulate the trees prior to shipping if necessary, and then carefully box them, adding additional protective measures to absorb excessive vibration or movement while in transit. The root balls are then bagged to hold in moisture while the trees are on their way, with an additional card board collar placed over the tree to provide additional protection from the elements. Some leaf drop may occur, but the tree, once moved to a proper and safe location should re-foliate very quickly.

Anything else you can tell me about the Clementine mandarin?
If you like the ‘Cuties’ that you see in the market, chances are that they are Clementines. The fruit holds well on the tree, a plus if you can’t get to all the fruit right away.