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Care Instructions

Care Instructions
Care Instructions For Plants Upon Arrival

1. After unpacking, give the plant a light watering to settle any soil made loose from the trip.

2. For plants to be planted in the ground, be sure to dig an over sized hole, allowing for the incorporation of added organic matter to improve soil drainage and fertility. For plants that will be placed in larger containers either indoors or out, use the absolute best quality potting soil you can find. In either instance, if the root ball appears tight, gently loosen, working it like you would knead bread dough, but maintain the overall integrity of the root ball. Do not do this if the root ball appears loose.

3. When planting, place the root ball in the hole such that the top of the root ball matches the new soil level in the ground, always planting at grade level and water well. Your goal in irrigation is to keep the root zone moist, not soggy or dry. Avoid the extremes.

4. We recommend a water soluble fertilizer such as Miracle Gro until the plant becomes established. When you see new growth on your plant, or other signs that it has become acclimated to its new home, feel free to feed it with your plant food of choice per label instructions.

5. For those who must over winter cold sensitive plants indoors, be sure to keep the plant far away from any direct source of heat or air movement, such as heater vents, wood burning stoves, or even too close to the kitchen if you bake a lot. Spritz the foliage of the plant once a day or so to improve humidity. Add a little dish soap to the water every so often to keep mites, etc... under control. Please feel free to call/email our office if you have concerns with anything!